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For our tenth (!) Asia Digital Life Podcast, I talk with Hasit Shah — formerly a producer at BBC News in London, now a research […]
Intro Earlier this month one of Singapore’s biggest telecoms, SingTel, finally put to bed a scandal that’s been plaguing the company for months. After the […]
Yes, yes, we know … the iPhone 6! The iWatch! Samsung’s snarky responses to Apple’s iPhone announcements! True enough, the news from Cupertino was on […]
Last week, Asian digital culture was dominated in large part by Hong Kong netizens’ reactions to Beijing’s announcement that it will renege on promises for […]
Last week in Asian internet culture was dominated by the continued viral spread of the ALS ice-bucket challenge to video-sharing sites in China, Japan, and […]
Since 2003 China Digital Times has been tracking Internet culture in China and aggregating content that has been censored or blocked in Chinese cyberspace. In […]
At the end of last month, a U.S.-government organization called the Open Technology Fund released a detailed research report on the state of Internet access […]
Earlier this year, on February 4, I sat on a sofa in my fiancee’s family home in Hanoi, Vietnam, and created a Facebook page for […]