Tracking the impact of online & digital technologies in Asia The Asia Digital Life Project
Since 2003 China Digital Times has been tracking Internet culture in China and aggregating content that has been censored or blocked in Chinese cyberspace. In […]
For the fifth Asian Digital Life podcast, Patrick Sharbaugh sits down with Jillian York, the EFF’s Director for International Freedom of Expression, for a conversation […]
People have been worrying that the Internet is going to turn our brains to mush for years, just as they have done for every new […]
Earlier this year, the actress Yang Mi, who boasts no less than 35 million followers on Weibo, tweeted out the message, “Dogs are more loyal […]
In southern China, an annual dog-eating festival takes a lower profile under mounting pressure from both activists and authorities. Similar changes can be seen in […]
Who among us remembers the Dog Poop Girl? The Korean university student became part of the permanent digital record in 2005 when she allowed her […]
This post originally appear on our sister blog, Vietmeme, on May 14, 2014. If China has a Mini-Me in this world, it is surely the […]
Last April, after China’s Communist Party Central Committee called on cadres to crack down on what they deemed subversive forces within Chinese society, users of […]