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  Social media and digital platforms played a massive role in Indonesia’s historic presidential election earlier this month. With the official result still out, I talked […]
People have been worrying that the Internet is going to turn our brains to mush for years, just as they have done for every new […]
Earlier this year, on February 4, I sat on a sofa in my fiancee’s family home in Hanoi, Vietnam, and created a Facebook page for […]
Who among us remembers the Dog Poop Girl? The Korean university student became part of the permanent digital record in 2005 when she allowed her […]
This post originally appear on our sister blog, Vietmeme, on May 14, 2014. If China has a Mini-Me in this world, it is surely the […]
Last April, after China’s Communist Party Central Committee called on cadres to crack down on what they deemed subversive forces within Chinese society, users of […]