The ways Asian netizens are using and being transformed by new digital and Internet tools, spaces and practices are unique. Yet the picture that most reporting on the Internet takes is overwhelmingly weighted toward perspectives from the United States and Europe. It’s also dominated by largely uncritical discussions of the tech industry and commercial applications, whether cheerleading for every fresh Internet start-up or celebrating each new electronic gadget as an end in itself.

Asian netizens (including the Asian diaspora in the West) and the emerging cultural spaces and practices that interest them are too often missing in such discussions, and when they are represented, it’s often by voices that don’t fully understand the unique cultural, political, and other contexts in which these changes are occurring.

The Asia Digital Life Project is a multimedia resource dedicated to changing that — to examining the many changes new digital information and communication technologies are bringing about for citizens of nations in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. It’s not a blog about new gadgets and apps, nor is it about business development in the tech industry. ADLP is about lived lives and how they, and the communities and societies of which they are a part, are negotiating the daily challenges and opportunities presented by the new digital age.

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